Fight Diseases & Cancer
INTRA, Safe for Athletes

Intra, your SOLUTION to heal !

Cancer! Early detection could be solution to cure!

However why not just keep yourself healthy and away from these signs ! Prevention is better cure! Right?

Drink #INTRA for your Health, Support and Balance your body’s 8 Biological Systems NOW!

This unique, scientific formula of #Lifestyles Canada, combining 23 plant-based products in one bottle helps you Fight! Heal! Maintain! Optimise Health!

Have #Intra support your body, energy, vitality and even help heal ailments and life challenges! Contact us for more info and sharing!

Known to have helped diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, migraine, constipation, digestive issues and even CANCER!!

*Info from Dr. Mercola’s article on possible cancer signals!

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Live Better Every Day!

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Have you been keeping fit & yet do not seems to have real progress ?

We know very well that exercise and taking a balance diet keep us healthy and away from frequent Doctors visits.

Well! Health supplement could help you keep fit faster and support your body too, especially for some of us who are having hectic lifestyles, and finding hard to have time to keep up with exercise schedules.

#Lifestyles Canada has been producing health products for the past 29 years, which could help you optimise your health, live better and younger every day !

#INTRA, the unique formula of 23 botanical extracts in ONE BOTTLE! ✅helps you detoxify and rebuild your body & helps your exercise and balance diet work better as Intra support and balance your body’s 8 Biological Systems!

Together with #NUTRIA, the ultimate antioxidant (which could reduce your risk of cancer), helps boost your ORAC level at 64%, your antioxidant capacity, and help boost your nutrients absorbance level ! In turn nourishing and replenishing your body at a higher positive level (YES! Will see progressive healthy weight (loss due to detoxification) health maintenance and immunity & energy boost.

#Lifestyles #Fibrelife adds on your control in fighting diseases like diabetes and heart disease as it could control your blood sugar (diabetes) and cholesterol (heart disease). Further it could help you maintain healthy weight and control weight gain great for those who are facing issues in losing weight, even after a Long period!

why 3 months program?

Combining the 3 Quality #Lifestyles Canada products, which are manufactured with HACCP & GMP standards in Canada & regulated by Health Canada, you could achieve healthier body and vitality, immunity and energy boost to help you fight food pollution and diseases, in 3 months for real results!

Consistently maintaining your body with #LifestylesBetterTogether pack, will provide you a OPTIMAL healthier body, balancing your 8 biological systems, enjoying your life with vitality, LIVE BETTER EVERY DAY!

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Safety for Healthy Ones, even Athletes Part 2

#INTRA, Lifestyles flagship product for over 27 years, has been safely consumed my millions worldwide, both healthy and those who seek health maintenance, healing and cure, and even athletes!

The precise scientific formula of 23 botanical extracts provides optimal health benefits, immunity and energy boost, antioxidant effect, supports and balance the body’s 8 biological systems!

25 years
23 Reasons for BETTER HEALTH

#Intra promotes energy. Intra also normalize and raise an individual’s resistance to all forms of  stress in the body. Athletes needs higher dosage of Intra to upkeep energy level for their training needs.

INTRA dosage for different activity levels
INTRA Dosage level based on Activity level

Intra for #antioxidants!

Antioxidant supplements have been shown to be effective in reducing delayed onset muscle soreness and improving exercise recovery.

Juniper Berry, Licorice, Rose Hip, Schisandra berry, and Passion flower contain antioxidants such as Vitamin C and *flavonoids that destroy free radicals and
toxins caused by exercise.

*a diverse group of phytonutrients (plant chemicals) found in almost all fruits and vegetables.

Ingredients - Functions to 8 Biological Systems
How INTRA ingredients function to support 8 Biological Systems

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INTRA TRIO  will give you 3 months’ consumption to feel the amazing results !

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Safe for Healthy Ones, even Athletes – Part 1

DRINK INTRA For Your Optimal Health


Freedom from potentially harmful and heavy metals !



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Lifestyles Canada Quality Products Enhancing Health Solution

Do you want to live healthier, happier and become more energetic daily?

#Lifestyles product line has something for you!

#LiveBetterEveryDay !

How to enjoy happier life with vitality?

By Consuming; #LifestylesBetterTogetherPack <INTRA+NUTRIA+FIBRELIFE>

How does Lifestyles products help?

✅No stressful diet to lose weight

✅Detox and boost energy

✅Strengthen nutrients absorption

✅Nourish to a stronger YOU


**3-months Continuous Intake will enhance body with greater effects!

Why 3-months? In general, average individuals would be able to experience progressive effects above to gain better level of health wellness.

Continuing after the 3-months program will further enhance the individual vitality and wellness!

(just like me, able to enjoy an overall slimmer body figure and lose 8kg of stubborn kilos! Am now continuing to enjoy the products effects on me and I still feel good on a terrible hectic work day! )

Try these amazing products NOW! THE SOLUTION FOR A HEALTHIER U !

Not to forget, those who suffer health challenges! Lifestyles products could

Fight diabetes and heart disease, and many more, even cancer too!

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Solution to Enhance & Optimise Your Health

#Lifestyles Canada product line has been known to millions consumers worldwide for the past 25 years.

These consumers have experienced great benefit from #INTRA + #NUTRIA + #Fibrelife as these quality products enhance their daily energy and immune system.

Supports & Balance 8 Biological Systems
Lifestyles Quality Products INTRA + NUTRIA + FIBRELIFE


#Lifestyles consumers are also enjoying a higher happiness level, as the products helps

  • Normalize & Raise an individual’s resistance to all forms of stress in the body,
  • lose weight healthily (no stress or vigorous diet plan),
  • control appetite as result maintaining healthy weight,
  • support & regulate blood sugar which is good for diabetes control,
  • binding cholesterol & toxins in your body before it is absorbed, helps your heart 
  • support daily fibre needs (could help digestion/ constipation)
  • boosting your energy, immune system & digestive aid provides health maintenance (lesser reliance on medication which are harmful, & save unnecessary costs).

Young kids could also benefit from Lifestyles products to boost immune system and calm anxiety of growing up life challenges.

<Sharing of my kid;

from his almost monthly doctor visits, but now, no visits since end of January 2018. Lesser complaints of throat inflammation and sinusitis, and lesser rashes from weather changes.> See this video during his first 5-6 months after consuming INTRA!

Consumers who take Lifestyles products religiously & continuously experience a balance health wellness to their body’s eight biological systems.

They are enjoying a better immune system and digestive system aid as these 3 products provide higher Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity Level (64%) which resulted in higher nutrient absorption rate!

This means for every intake of nutrition, such as from an apple, vegetable or protein, Lifestyles consumers could absorb much better nutrients to support & balance their body compared to anyone that do not take Lifestyles products.

Come experience yourself  and take these great Lifestyles products!

Your Solution to Enhance & Optimize Your Health!

How Lifestyles Products Support & Balance your Body’s 8 Biological Systems?

Detoxify & Cleanse





Lifestyles Canada Strives to maintain Stringent Test & Manufacturing Process standards (HACCP & GMP) to maintain Consistent Quality on the Natural Ingredients in the products. Lifestyles products are regulated by Health Canada.


Lifestyles Quality Commitment
Lifestyles Quality Commitment

Watch this video on how a 3-month’s program of Lifestyles products could help YOU !

Lifestyles products are NOT MAGICAL BUT REAL HEALTH SOLUTION for your DAILY NEEDS! The products could help you fight major diseases, and even Cancer!


Lifestyles Products helps you LIVE BETTER, EVERY DAY !


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