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FibreLife – Take care of your HEART!

Complement your healthy diet with #Lifestyles Canada Quality Products; #FibreLife !

Helps maintain your heart! AND control healthier level of;

  1. Cholesterol (Heart)
  1. Blood sugar (Diabetes)
  1. Appetite (Weight/ Obesity)
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  • Sharing World Health Organisation guide in maintaining your heart!

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    Lifestyles Canada flagship product #INTRA helps satisfied millions worldwide for over 25 years!

    Since June 12th, 2017, INTRA (unique formula of 23 natural botanical extracts) has been helping me to a healthier journey towards a more glowing, stronger and radiant person!

    From initial thinking just to try as a immune booster for my 10 year old, I am amazed how INTRA helping NOT ONLY my kid, but my Mom, my Husband and myself to become healthier and stronger!

    At 5th month, I have started to see greatest results as I could net off close to 8kg! Yes! My pregnancy weight gain of 10 over years!!

    Intra helps detoxify and replenish, nourish and boosting our energy PLUS support and Balance our 8 biological system !


    And see its amazing effects in cleansing, replenishing and nourishing your body, inside out!!

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    How does Fibre HELPS YOUR HEALTH?

    #Lifestyles FibreLife from Canada
    ⚗️Formulated with a proprietary blend of three types of healthy soluble fiber to help MAINTAIN YOUR ABC! 👉 #Lifestyles #FIBRELIFE: Your Daily Fibre Solution

    FibreLife contains ingredients that have been shown in numerous scientific studies to:
    1️⃣maintain healthy body weight by 2️⃣creating feeling of fullness which 3️⃣minimizes overeating
    4️⃣Help regulate your blood sugar 5️⃣lowering the Glycemic Index (GI) of a meal

    6️⃣slowing the digestion of food to ↔️stabilize energy levels
    7️⃣lower high cholesterol levels and 8️⃣eliminate toxins from the body by 9️⃣promoting a healthy gastro-intestinal tract!

    Take CONTROL of your HEALTH NOW! Contact us for more information and Leave your Comments/ Queries with us to Help You OPTIMISE HEALTH!

    Lifestyles Products helps you


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    #Lifestyles FibreLife HIGH in Fiber keeping you IN CONTROL of your HEALTH

    #Lifestyles FibreLife from Canada,a revolutionary fiber blend designed to combat the worldwide trend toward supplementing dietary fiber.

    🎙Paul Kramer, R.N.C.P., Vice President of International Product Research & Development at Lifestyles Canada and,

    ℹ️author of international best-seller 🥊Fighting Body Pollution.🏹

    🎤announced #FibreLife has resulted from years of intensive research & laboratory testing.

    This unique and effective supplement can help people enjoy the benefits of;
    ✅increased dietary fiber

    ✅help better manage body weight

    Take FibreLife – your FIBER Needs!

    Lifestyles Product line helps you OPTIMISE HEALTH for better living!

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