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We would like to share a fellow #Lifestyles member’s feedback on #INTRA healing his liver condition!

The member is our INTERNATIONAL MARKETING DIRECTOR, Mr. Hoong’s primary school classmate who was suffering from hardened liver condition, drank INTRA for 3 years, encountering healing effect!!

Below his classmate’s feedback to Mr. Hoong;

“Hoong, I’d like to admit that INTRA is effective!

My liver is almost completely restored!!

At that time, the doctor also said that my liver recovery chances is very low, because; the degree of hardening is too high. The whites (of my eyes) and

  1. my face turned yellowish!

To me, Western medicine is too pessimistic. Then I went to see the Chinese medicine, took six months of medicine did not improve, and began developing skin allergy.Finally, tried Lao Cai (Mr. Hoong) recommended, the Immortal water (INTRA), I find myself slowly recovering! “

Testimony in Chinese message translated above;


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