INTRA, LifestylesBetterTogether, NutriaPlus, Safe for Athletes

NutriaPlus – Synergy 12!

#Lifestyles Canada NEW #NutriaPlus combines 12 synergistic natural ingredients to help build your body cells and prevent abnormal cell growth!

Why Synergistic?

Well, these 12 products work well together!!

Yes! PROTECT & PREVENT! from diseases and cancer!!!

Experiment NutriaPlus with INTRA to

INTRA, LifestylesBetterTogether, NutriaPlus, Safe for Athletes

Protection against Heat Wave!

#Lifestyles Products, BETTER TOGETHER!

In the wake of current heatwave,

✅keep yourself hydrated,

✅wear mask if you are outdoors

✅keep outdoors activity low

✅take care of personal hygiene

Take #Intra, #Nutria and #Fibrelife. #Lifestyles Products , keep you in optimal health with over 250 health building properties!

Battle against this heatwave! #LiveBetterEveryDay!

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Intra Infusion: Solution for a Youthful, Radiant & Glowing YOU

Do you want to feel good & look radiant at same time?

DRINK INTRA, for a healthier and happier you! Optimizing your health by balancing & supporting your body’s 8 Biological systems, boosting your energy, immune system and happiness level.

NOW you feel good! Apply Intra Infusion to look good too!

What is Intra Infusion?

Intra Infusion is a natural skin cream that incorporates the detoxification, replenishment, reactivation and balancing effects of  Intra time tested 23 natural botanical extracts . The cream is therapeutic grade and easily absorbed into your skin.

Why is Intra Infusion special?

It is natural and a blend of modern Science and traditional Wisdom to your skin. The skin, that covered your body, providing a lifelong shelter. Despite it being your biggest organ, your skin is constantly under attack from harmful elements, sometimes permanently.

Intra Infusion – a good protection to your skin

It is a Skin cream designed to protect and heal sensitive skin that has been exposed to environmental and man-made pollution!

Other than the 23 natural ingredients, Intra Infusion contains Alguard!

Alguard, a unique red microalgae that naturally provides oxidation cell protection. Labarotary tests prove Alguard SHIELDS YOUR SKIN from harmful effects of *UVB exposure, while protecting your skin’s immune cells against irritants.

*Invisible rays that are part of the energy that comes from the sun. UVB radiation causes sunburn, darkening and thickening of the outer layer of the skin, and melanoma and other types of skin cancer.

What does Alguard offers (only in Lifestyles Intra Infusion)?

  1. ‘Insult Guard’ directly protecting the skin from irritants and oxidation damage.
  2.  ‘Micro Guard’ countering bacterial adhesion.
  3. ‘Sun Guard’ protecting immune cells in skin from UVB radiation.

How does Intra Infusion helps your skin look younger and healthier?

  • Diminishing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothing skin texture, while evening out skin tone
  • Creating a radiant and healthy glow
  • Reducing skin discoloration, blotches, and age spots
  • Minimizing the appearance of pores
  • Improving skin elasticityand hydration.


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Intra Infusion for Your Daily Radiancy Glow
Intra Infusion – Protect You From UVB and same time heal and glow your skin towards Vitality and more Radiant SKIN!