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Why delay young ones from processed food/ candies when you can introduce nutritional food habits such as INTRA? The real nutritional plant-based SOLUTION for OPTIMAL HEALTH!

Many believed in instilling good habits and providing as much nutritional food to our young ones.

Well, other than delaying or avoiding sweets and processed food, why not invest and teach better eating habits , such as introducing nutritional and natural plant-based health supplement like #Lifestyles #INTRA?

Why do we say so?

Intra could supplement, support and Balance our 8 biological systems which in turn will help our young ones boost up their lower immunity system faster and away from sickness, which is quite common in a lot of young kids.

What are some of the sweet food or processed food?

Read this interesting article published by Dr. Joseph Mercola, a U.S. doctor, at his Facebook.

The article talks about how we might have feed our young ones processed sugar (with reward candies), and how we could best avoid feeding sweetened products.

In our opinion, we could delay or avoid feeding such food to our babies in the hope of forming a sensible eating habit.

However as the child grows, he might not be able to avoid such food while eating with peers. Our kids’ health will also be down if this habit somehow broken due to limited food choices (eating out) or lack of nutritional food supply (not all could afford to have home-cook food for every meals due to both working parents).

Therefore instilling a sensible, nutritional eating habits and passing on proper health supplement and exercise to upkeep their health could better provide healthier growth.


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