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3rd Reason for Better Health in Intra

Schisandra Berry (Schisandra chinensis)


Traditional Use: Common Cold/ Sore throat, Infection, Fatigue.

  • LIVER Support! 
  • Destroy free radicals
  • Strong *Antioxidant characteristics

Safe and Great for People who loves to Exercise and  Athletes with hectic training!

*Antioxidant supplements effective in reducing delayed onset muscle soreness and improving exercise recovery , destroy free radicals and toxins caused by exercise.

Schisandra Berry in INTRA

Intra Helps treat your LIVER WELL !

For Eliminative/ Antioxidant Function (Liver Function) & Immune Function

2 of the 8 Biological Systems support by #Intra

a. Antioxidant Function:

  • Rid body of wastes *manufactured in the digestive process  & through normal metabolism,
  • Neutralize toxins from our food & drinks, and environment

b. Immune Function: STRENGTHEN your body’s NATURAL ABILITY to protect itself!

23 Botanical in Intra
Supports 8 biological systems
INTRA dosage for different activity levels
INTRA Dosage level based on Activity level

Contact us for more information or Leave Comment for us to get back to you!

#Lifestyles Canada Quality Health Product, your SOLUTION to Optimal Health!





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