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Lifestyles Products overview – For Your Health Optimisation


#INTRA your Immune Booster to Support your 8 Biological System

#Nutria the Ultimate Antioxidant for Anti-Aging and Reduce Risk of Cancer

#Fibrelife the soluble fibre blend for Appetite Control, Blood Sugar and Cholesterol! Helps control your obesity, diabetes and heart disease!

Together they provide over 250 health building properties for your health, towards optimal health!

INTRA, LifestylesBetterTogether, Safe for Athletes, Uncategorized

Testimony Sharing from Canada

📍Ethan, a 9 year old boy from Canada‼️ suffered from Alopecia Areata ⁉️ 👉drinking just 2 bottles and ✅applying #Intra on the affected area now his hair grows


Use #INTRA ! share INTRA and PASS INTRA ON! Contact us to experiment yourself!!🤗

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INTRA, LifestylesBetterTogether, Safe for Athletes

Reduce salt and have more healthier choice! Try INTRA!

Recent World Health Organisation suggested that some of us are taking more salt than we should! Let’s have healthier choice in our food intake, reduce salt in our food preparation to less than 5gram a day! Let’s Live Better Every Day! Have #INTRA as your daily diet instead! Simply drink 28ml a day to start your journey towards health optimisation, in supporting your 8 biological systems! 👉Page us for more info!

Detox-Slimming, INTRA, LifestylesBetterTogether, Safe for Athletes, Uncategorized

Intra the SOLUTION! for ALL AGES, including your PETS!

#INTRA is not only unique scientific formula of 23 botanical extracts for you, your family and friends!

#Intra is also good for your little buddies! Yess!!

Your pets!

Let’s all #LiveBetterEveryDay!

ORDER YOUR INTRA NOW & experiment the amazing effect for you and everyone/ every pets you know!

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